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Beautiful busty Ariella Ferrera was born on January 15, 1979 in Medellin, Columbia. She moved with her family to Chicago, Illinois when she was only five years old and was a total tomboy growing up. Ariella worked as a registered dental hygienist prior to her involvement in the adult industry. She first began performing in hardcore porn movies later in life at age 30, in 2009. She has appeared in many x-rated features for such notable companies as Pornstar Platinum, Brazzers, Mile High, Pulse Distribution, Girlfriends Films, and Digital Playground. Ferrara was nominated for an AVN Award for Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene in 2011. She enjoys biking, camping, swimming, running, and hiking. She resides in Mission Viejo, California.
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I'm so excited that I finally get a chance to share my amazing site with everyone! As u can see I am an Italian/Venezuelan beauty who is 22 years old. I was born and raised in the South Kentucky! So yes I am a true southern belle! I moved to California about a year and a half ago to pursue my career in the adult industry! I have become really well known especially for my squirting and my wild crazy sex scenes that rock !!!! I have performed in over 150 movies and they’re still cuming!!! One awesome skill that I have is I can deep throat any size cock! There's no dick to big for me to gobble up! I can make any dick disappear with ease! I am very wild and a super freak in the sheets!! Can you handle me? I love to play with sexy girls and guys! I have a sexy little piercing right on my clit! As well as my tongue! I use it well! Just to let u know this is an exclusive access up close and personal into my sex filled life! Nothing is ever fake with me! As you will soon see....cum deep into my world and let me make ur knees buckle leaving you begging for more! You may want to grab some napkins cause your going to need it!
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I found my way into porn when I was working at a credit card company in Phoenix, AZ and I ended up losing my job when the economy was bad. The thought of stripping crossed my mind and I knew quite a bit of strippers, but I knew that wasn't for me. So I started serving at a place called the Tilted Kilt, it’s like an "Irish Hooters." I wasn't completely satisfied, so I was browsing ad's to see if there was another job that would better suit me. I did this for months and still nothing. In September of 2008 I ran across an adult ad to star in adult movies. I stared at it there was something about it that made me call the number right away, so I did. I talked to the director and I ended up meeting up with him 2 days later. It was for a site called During my "interview" he asked me what my favorite sexual act was and I said anal, so he asked me, "Do you want to do anal today?" and of course my response was yes. I was so nervous, but once the camera turned on all my nervous quirks went away. I loved to be the center of attention, I loved to play with the camera and most importantly I LOVED SEX! The fact that the camera was involved I got turned on more. After the scene I asked the director if there was anyone else he knew I could shoot for and he referred me to a ton of directors in Phoenix. When April of 2009 came along I went to my first convention the Phoenix Forum with a company called I ended up seeing a bunch of LA Direct girls there and I knew I wanted to be one of those girls. I wanted to be a porn star. I received an email from a recruiter for Direct Models and it took about a month till I decided I was moving to LA and signing with LA Direct Models. It's funny because when I first walked into that office they handed me a checklist of what I would do and what I wouldn't do and I checked them all. There was nothing I wouldn't do my first scene in LA was my first DP for Chris Streams. Then business just skyrocketed. Every company wanted to shoot me. I loved porn for the first time in my whole life I felt like I was doing what I loved. It felt right and filled the void of whatever I was missing in my life. It made sense. Being on camera is my second favorite thing in the world to do (sex is the first, duh!) And it gets me off more than anything. It gives me a chance to make all of my fantasies cum true. I wouldn't do anything else and there's nothing I wouldn't do.
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A strong, intelligent woman is always the most devastating lover. Alura, who grew up as a shy, isolated youngster, sought to broaden her intellectual capacity before her sexuality. Very quickly, in early adolescence, the two merged to create the multifaceted phenom of today. Alura left her home in Camden, New Jersey, on the night of her high school graduation to join the United States Navy. Then, the beast grew claws. In the Navy, Alura experienced wild sexual interludes, including her first gangbang, threesomes, and cuckholding delights. Not satisfied, Alura obtained an extensive medical education, including a degree in Exercise Kinesiology, Dietetics with a minor in Business Management. Still, this was not enough. Alura craved interaction with the public. She became licensed as an instructor, teaching injured patients, those with health issues, and the athletically challenged how to regain control of their physicality. This, the music, the sweat, the adrenaline only propelled Alura into a deep of state of arousal with life. She wanted more. At this point, Alura became more comfortable in her own skin, requiring more out of life. Her involvement in the military advanced and so did her sexuality. It was time, in her eyes, to end political restrictions to her orientations. Alura lovingly concluded her service with the military to become an exotic dancer. Then, the fun began! Five years later, she was invited to perform her first XXX scene. The rest is history! Alura Jenson lives to experience all life has to offer. Every race, every body type, every orientation. She's a proud advocate of promoting liberation of oneself and is elated to share this with the public. Enjoy!
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