25 Sperm Shots For Spanish Groupie

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A beautiful, Spanish brunette wearing a camisole and panties chats up a couple of older naked daddies before she gets busy on a group of cocks. While she teases the two men, they eventually disappear and she ends up in a studio taking photos and doing a striptease. Once naked, several hard cocks surround her. She jumps on one guy riding her shaved pussy up and down on his cock, while blowing another dick and doling out two handjobs. From this point on, it's fast and furious, and each guy surrounding her grabs his own dick and jerks his load off into her mouth. She swallows the first load, and then takes a second, a fifth, a tenth load until she's opening her mouth for 11 full loads of sperm. She gargles the cum and swallows, opens her mouth and starts getting even more cum. By the end, her lips, chin and tits are dripping with sperm because the cum slut has managed to down 25 thick shots of cum.


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