A Man And Two MILFs

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Two horny German MILFs have invited a younger man into their home, and from the start they have a plan to seduce him. When we find this threesome, the guy is in a t-shirt and underwear, and there is a MILF on either side of him. They smile and charm him, but in reality he is just happy to be there getting double the tit and double the pussy. He's living the life, sucking on their big tits and eating their pussies, and he gets rock hard as the two women get into a bit of lesbian play as well. However, his dick is like a raging fountain of cum once he starts fucking their old snatches. He takes turns riding them both, but he only has one load of cum and he blasts it onto one of their bellies. His one load is enough for these two matures because it's a huge spunky mess, which they rub into the woman's stomach as if his sperm was a magical anti-aging cream.


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