Alternative Redhead Sheena Rose Can't Get Enough

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Redhead alternative model Sheena Rose can't get enough of a good thing, especially if that thing happens to be a big black cock ramming into her snatch. She's so horny to fill her hole that she doesn't bother to unfasten her garter belt from her stockings, and her guy's hard-on is raging so furiously to slam into her shaved pussy that he doesn't have time to remove his work boots, either. When his cock pulses deep into her slick hole, she lets out a scream and swiftly covers her mouth, but she can't contain her pleasure, and yells out, "I'm going to cum". He doesn't want her to orgasm too fast, though, and she slows things down with a blowjob before getting on all fours for a doggy style ride that can only end with them cumming together.


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