Anal Ride For Big Booty Brazilian

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Rio de Janeiro seems like a paradise of Latina big booty, and Brazilian Darlene's ass is not only full and wide, but it's ripe for an anal ride. We find her doing what most babes in this part of the world do—sunbathing in a skimpy bikini by the pool. There is plenty of big booty at the beach as well but, when it comes to butt fucking, this babe prefers a more secluded location. A couple of guys chat her up in both Portuguese and English, but she's soon getting suntan oil rubbed all over her wide buttocks. When her bikini comes off, she goes right for the big cock, bending over, shaking her buns and giving head. The best way to ride this caboose is from behind, and fat fanny enthusiasts will go wild with the ass focus in this Hot Gold video.


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