Blonde Fortune Hunter Fucked In Driveway

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Sexy British blonde Syren Sexton is turned on by a handsome millionaire playboy and takes up his invitation to visit his mansion. The moment they drive up to the estate, he opens the car door for her and begins kissing her. He doesn't want to wait to get into the house, and she is wet at the prospect of bedding such a rich dick. He leans her up against a tree in the parking lot, hikes up her skirt and starts fucking her. She moans with pleasure as his dick rides her from behind and his hands careen over her big tits. He slips down her gorgeous buttocks and eats her ass and pussy, then slides his stick back into her slit, before she goes down, taking his cock from pussy to mouth, and sucking him off. He finally decides to show her his mansion, and they move from the outdoors. He barely gets to show her around before they're fucking on the staircase and she's taking his creamy load into her twat. Whether or not she gets a second date is anyone's guess, but it's likely she'll get fucked again before returning home.


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