Blonde Gets The Bad Boy Of Her Dreams

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Blonde British babe Satine Spark likes having fun with the girls, but she has fallen head-over-heels for a tattooed bad boy named Charlie. His reputation precedes him, and when a client tells her of a disastrous date with him, Satine asks him what went wrong. It turns out that he hasn't been able to think of anyone else since meeting her, and that sends this babe into a horny frenzy. They close up shop early, and move to the backroom of the store, where they get into some heavy petting, but soon they're naked in a bedroom. The small tit blonde gives him an unforgettable blowjob and he dines on her shaved pussy as if he's been starved to have her. He lifts up one of her stocking-covered legs and rides her from behind, but then she moves on top of him, pulsing her hips as he sucks on her natural breasts. The heat between the couple in this female friendly hardcore film is palpable, and as the Charlie's cum beats across Satine's belly, she smiles with total satisfaction.


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