British Lesbians Spit On, Spank And Fuck Their Boss

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Wearing open plaid blouses and sexy jean shorts to the warehouse, redhead Shay and blonde Sophia goof off on the job and gossip about lesbian conquests. Their boss, Samantha Bentley, overhears them giggling and asks them what they're talking about, but the British hotties, who are talking about squirting, don't think she'll understand because she likes cock. Samantha is shocked that the girls have orgasms, and they're equally shocked that Samantha has never had one. They decide to show her what real pleasure is all about and tackle her on the warehouse boxes, kissing her and stripping her from her business suit. Aggressive and dominating, they kiss her neck, suck her tits and spit into her mouth. As Shay pulls and pinches her nipples, Sophia tugs her panties away from her shaved pussy and starts spanking and spitting on her snatch. They stand her up, spank her, bind her wrists with packing tape and then gag her with her own stockings. Samantha doesn't put up a fight, and seems to be enjoying her new found lust of lesbians, but she reaches whole new heights of pleasure as Shay fucks her twat with a strap-on and Sophia rides a dildo she uses to gag her mouth.  


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