British Teen Fucks Stranger On A Dare

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On a dare, sexy British teen Leyla sneaks into a public bathroom to flash her body in front of a security camera, but ends up getting fucked by a stranger. Initially, she doesn't know that there is a guy in the loo, but when he catches her and she explains herself, he dares her to suck his cock. She's a risk taker, and loves a good dare, so goes down on his big rod, sipping and sucking on his hard-on and using her hand to stroke him. Even though she loves a good game, especially one that involves sex, she also loves a good fuck. When he suggests they do the dirty deed near the filthy urinal, she's up for the challenge. He gets behind her, grabs her beautiful little butt and shoves his veining rod into her tight hole, ramming her hard and blowing his nut into her hungry mouth.


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