British Teen Slag Fucks Daddy

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When an older man returns home, he offers British teen babysitter Jessica Jensen a lift to her flat, but she's content to stay if she's needed. It turns out that he does need her, or at least his cock does, and having had a crush on him for some time, Jessica is willing to work overtime. They start kissing on the sofa, and while things start off romantic, once the man starts running his fingers over her panties, she starts turning into a bit of a slag. He fingers her shaved twat and she uses her hand and mouth to stiffen his dick. The hungry slapper goes deep, gulping and gagging on his cock, finally sitting on him reverse cowgirl and riding her wet snatch up and down his shaft. Her big tits bounce and sway as he hammers into her, and her face flushes as she cums and he blasts his spunk into her tight teen hole.


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