Brunette British Co-Ed Seduces Professor

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To discover what women really want, a sexologist studies brunette British co-ed Samantha Bentley as she seduces her older, distinguished professor. While it is never clear where the sexologist is hiding, we know that she is watching and taking notes as the sexy, big tits babe unbuttons her blouse to reveal her cleavage. As this female friendly film from Joy Bear Pictures starts, the busty British co-ed's lust for a mature man is palpable. She licks her lips staring at him, then teasingly bends over to find a book, displaying her bubble butt, and giving him a glimpse of her sexy garters and silky panties. She turns toward him, inches closer and hovers in front of him, and then presses her lips to his. Samantha isn't one to beat around the bush, and pulls the grey-haired man by his collar, drawing him in for a tongue twirling French kiss, before guiding his mouth to her nipples. When she spreads her legs, her excitement seeps through her damp panties. He licks up her wetness and she gives him a smooth, romantic blowjob before she jumps onto his stiff cock and rides his cum right out of him.


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