Brunette Dresses Husband For Hardcore Kink

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A brunette sits at her vanity table, but when her Italian hunk arrives, she decides to spice things up by dressing him up for hardcore sex. She applies makeup on him, and even pulls out a wig. The guy wants to move things into bed, but she has other plans: "I can take one thing off, but you have to put one thing on," she says, holding several pieces of lingerie. He puts on a tiny pair of panties, his cock straining against the fabric, but she also wants him to wear stockings and a pink chemise. He kisses and licks her toes and she massages his dick hard with her feet. She wraps a feather boa around his neck as she rides him and he kisses her perky tits. He undresses her, kisses her feet, and goes down on her clit and pussy. He slides his cock into her waiting wet hole, thrusting faster and deeper as she holds her legs up, then fucks her from behind, and finally she rides him in reverse cowgirl until her climax. She rewards his performance with a big deep throating finish.


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