Brunette Gets Fisted By Hairdresser

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Lucia Love is not a satisfied customer after getting her hair done at the salon, but she is more than satisfied after getting fisted. Initially the British brunette argues with her hairdresser about the job he has done, and that he hasn't even done anything about her pussy. He gets her to sit on the sofa and takes the clippers to her pubic hair, but again he fails to give her what she wants. He tells her he'll give it to her and picks up the hair dryer and starts fucking her twat with it. She starts playing with her clit, but even the object isn't enough for this dirty babe. He spreads her hole with his fingers, then starts diving one finger after another into her wet snatch. She moans as his hand moves in and out of her, and when at last she seems like she might be satisfied with the job, he removes his hand. She ends up calling him names and she spits on the camera, but we know that this dirty fisting slut will likely be back for more.


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