Brunette Gives Public Sex Show At Casting

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British brunette Carla Mai, nicknamed Sam, is the talk of the neighborhood when someone spread a rumor about her giving head in a phone booth. However, she puts her nosy neighbors in their place when she tells them she has a modeling audition and is about to become the next best thing. In her audition, the busty babe is told to strip and suck cock in front of an audience. She protests that she doesn't want to become a porn star. As soon as the casting agents tell her how much money she could make, she drops to her knees and starts sucking off a neighborhood bloke in public. Unconvinced of her talent, the agents get her to suck off another guy and ride his dick in front of the crowd. This time around the busty brunette gives a command performance, and gets a huge load of cum all over her big naturals. If the rumors about Carla weren't true before, they certainly become true after this cock-raising casting call.


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