Brunette Punk Girl Bangs The DJ

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When her friend holds a pool party, alternative punk girl Hayden Hellfire is more interested in big cock swimming into her pussy than doing the back stroke. She has her sight set on screwing the DJ and it doesn't take much convincing before he's naked on the sofa riding her mouth. This is a babe who doesn't hold anything back, "your dick is so big," she tells him stroking his rod when she comes up for air, "let's fuck now." She gets up off her knees and lies on the sofa, and he wastes no time getting behind her and pushing his hard-on deep into her shaved pussy. The brunette alt girl, with two full sleeves of tattoos, instantly whips her fingers across her clit when he rides her fast and raw, and when he revs his pace up harder she screams "oh, God," as she cums.


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