Brunette's Highway Masturbation Ride

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There are times when a person is just so horny that they can't wait to get home to take care of business, but for this brunette there is no waiting.  With cars tailgating the car and drivers zooming by, the horny hottie pulls out her white vibrator. Fortunately, her boyfriend is doing the driving, but as the babe hikes up her mini-skirt, exposing her black lace crotchless panties, and puts the tip of the sex toy to her slit, it's safe to assume that it's hard for him to concentrate on anything else. It's a good thing the camera is rolling so he can watch her in close-up later, especially when she moves her pussy toward him, starts fucking herself and tasting the juices off the hard plastic. She pushes the toy deeper and deeper into her vag while rolling her fingers over her clit and caressing her small tits, and when her body pulses and trembles from an intense orgasm, it's hard to believe that the driver doesn't just pull over to the side of the road and fuck her right there. I know I would!


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