Brunette Wants British Guy's Big Parcel

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Sexy babe Jess West has a big parcel of land, and an equally huge desire to ride a British man's big, thick dick in this female friendly film. When a motorcyclist, Danny, shows up at her country farm offering to buy part of her estate to build a race track, the horny brunette is only really interested in him. She half listens to his proposal, and then decides she might agree to a sale if he can pleasure her with his big parcel. He needs the land, and since she is beautiful, he falls for her advances, returning her kiss. They remove each other's clothes, and Jess eagerly grabs at his fly to get to his big cock. When she does, she feverishly throws her mouth over the tips of the head, and dives her lips toward the base. She loves the feel of his cock in her mouth, but equally loves the feel of his tongue through her wet slit when he starts eating her out. After some hungry foreplay, the two get to some hardcore pleasure, fucking on the hard surface of the kitchen island, before Danny revs up the pleasure and blows his load onto her sexy, slim naked body.


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