Czech Maid Fucks Playful Lesbian Tease

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Sexy Czech maid Nicole is in uniform making the bed, when mischievous lesbian teen Kristy Black runs into the room and jumps onto the sheets. Nicole asks what the young babe is doing, and Kristy, staring at her skimpy maid outfit, big boobs and curvaceous body, responds "looking at your ass." Nicole laughs and inquires about her parents. "They're out," the brazen teen says, "let's fuck." While Kristy's seductive skills haven't been honed, it's still hard to resist the wiry energetic teen. In this Doghouse Digital teaser, we get a taste of MILF and teen lesbian sex, and while the pair make an unlikely duo, Kristy's lust for big tits and Nicole's passion for a bald, pink slit is smoldering. A French kiss from the blonde wearing a French maid uniform is a fitting start, but get set to get hard when the pair start sucking each others tits, licking each other's pussies, and fucking each other with kinky dildos.


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