Doctor Gives Patient A Load Of Medicine

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Somewhere in Germany, there is a perverted doctor who takes advantage of some of his sexy female patients. He's working at the clinic on a Saturday morning, and doesn't have any patients. He hopes to go fishing, but then a sexy babe walks in without an appointment. He may not be going out with his buddy, but he might just be able to hook a different sort of prize. The woman has stomach problems, and he gets her up onto his table and starts to give her a medical exam. He probes her pussy with his fingers, and when he asks her to trust him, he ramps up his fingering speed, and pressing against her g-spot, he gets her to squirt. She is grateful and, feeling better, she sucks his dick, and then he probes her with his big German sausage, before prescribing a creamy load of his medicine to drink down.


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