Hard, Working Trans Babysitter

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Ebony transsexual Paris seems a little too sexy showing up for a babysitting job interview, and she doesn't have any experience, either. The interviewer says he wants Mary Poppins with attitude, and the sexy shemale tells him that she's got the attitude and the balls for the job. He doesn't know what Paris is talking about, so the babe pulls down her pants and shows him her black cock. She may not be able to take care of his family, but the least she can do is take care of the man, and she falls to her knees to suck his white dick deep down to the base. He is eager to touch her tits, and she's happy to give him an oily titjob. His cock fits perfectly between her melons as he sides his dick through her cleavage. They take turns riding each other's tight ass hole, and then the guy unloads his cum into the ebony hotties mouth, and she licks his cock clean. Paris ends up being the hardest working babysitter this guy has ever met.


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