House Husband Makes Love To Breadwinner Wife

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British breadwinner wife Paige Turnah returns home after a long day of work to find her muscular house husband cooking dinner and waiting to make love to her. Turned on by his hot body, the long-haired brunette grabs his t-shirt and pulls him into her for a longing French kiss. Ravenous, she playfully bites his lower lip, smiles, and then turns around displaying her sexy bubble butt. He grabs her cheeks, rubbing his nose and mouth into her black panties as she plays with her clit, and then devours her ass and licks her smooth shaved pussy. His balls tighten and his cock stiffens as she gives him head, but what she is really craving is his throbbing dick in her wet pussy. He leans her back onto the kitchen island, and rides her dripping hole slowly at first, then increasingly harder, pounding as she moans with excitement. He alternates between his pleasure and hers, following his wife's orgasm with a huge load of cum across her belly.


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