Housewife Gets The 50 Shades Treatment

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Blonde Cathy Heaven is in need of spicing up her sex life, so she hires an executive sexual relief consultant to get her fetish kink on. He sends a special delivery package to her home, and she and her husband open it to find an assortment of kinky toys like a mask, duct tape, a ball gag and a paddle. Cathy's husband seems a little intimidated by the paddle at first, but when she crawls over his lap and bares her beautiful ass to him, he starts to get hard. He picks up the paddle and begins clapping it against her buttocks, but then puts it down to feel his full hand smacking at her flesh. The harder he spanks her, the hornier she gets, and soon she's fingering her own ass. He licks her shaved pussy and she gives him a deepthroat like he's never received before, and they both break a sweat as his hard, big cock hammers into her twat and he cums all over her gorgeous fanny. It looks like this couple has found their grove, and you can be rest assured that they'll be eager for more kink in the future.


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