Italian T-Girl Shoots Her Load

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Sexy Italian transsexual shows up at an apartment in a sexy outfit and black stockings, and she ends up sitting down and signing papers. This Italian flick from Pinko Shemales doesn't offer any English subtitles, so you have to kind of make up your own fantasy about what she is doing in the apartment, unless of course you speak Italian. In any case, you don't really need to know what is being said because the language is sex in this film, and there is plenty of it! The brunette t-girl has big tits and a sizable cock. The guy is lucky enough to get two hands full of tit and a mouthful of the shemale's dick. He also gets his cock blown as the babe strokes her own rod. However, it ends up being his ass that gets smashed by the sexy babe's dick, and he also gets a tasty load of her cum to drink down.


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