Massaging The Kink Out Of Virgin

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Nerd girl Cassidy Klein has never been touched by a guy before, and when she goes in to get a massage, she seems a little nervous and apprehensive. The older man is very experienced, and puts her at ease by asking her a few questions and then leaving the room while she undresses. The innocent brunette quickly takes her clothes off, but leaves her black panties and bra on, wraps herself in a towel and hops onto the massage table. The masseuse starts kneading into her legs and thighs, but realizes she has more clothes on than he expected. He eventually talks her out of her clothes, and when he tells her how pretty she is, the young hottie blushes and kisses him out of the blue. She wants to do more, and is excited to touch and suck her very first cock. It appears the masseur rubbed the kink out of this babe because, by the end, she is riding his big dick like a pro!


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