Master And Brunette Servant

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Each year, a woman visits the same secluded hotel, the same hotel room where she discovered her dark side. She steps out of the bathtub and walks to her impressive collection of BDSM equipment—restraints, paddles, floggers—but it's a coil of hemp rope that captivates her attention and reminds her of her husband, at the same time soft, firm, gentle, and strong. Always on time, he knocks at the door. In bed, they kiss passionately, she hands him the hemp rope, and offers up her body for him to tie up. The husband and master gently guide her to the bed and, sliding between her legs, licks her waiting pussy and clit. He then unzips his pants and presents her with his massive uncut cock for her to suck. She rides him and, after he releases her from bondage, he takes her from behind. Their pleasure mounts as he fucks her hardcore in missionary position, pulling out to cum on her stomach.


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