One Chance At Sexual Adventure

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A British babe tries to give her flatmate advice on how to make a pass at their house cleaner, but he doesn't take the opportunity. Instead, when they leave, a friend of theirs shows up and waits for them to return as the cute maid vacuums the flat. He asks her if he can wait upstairs, and then he makes himself comfortable on the bed. When the maid finds him half naked, he lets fate fly and asks her to join him. She is reluctant at first, but since no one is home, she decides not to miss out on an adventure. He caresses her small breasts and then slips between her thighs, and pleasures her clit with his tongue until she cums. She returns the favor sucking on his hard stick. He fingers her and rides her sweet, trimmed pussy, gliding in and out as smoothly as a pro, and when he's on the brink of exploding his load, she grabs hold of his cock and strokes his cum onto her belly.


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