Petite French Beauty Loves Hardcore

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Sexy French brunette Lou Charmelle isn't interested in selling her country home, and when the potential buyer rips up the contract, she kisses him. She hadn't expected to be so grateful, or so attracted to the guy, and invites him into her home. They immediately go to the bedroom, and barely remove their clothes, when he goes down on her trimmed pussy. She moans at the feel of his mouth on her slit. Still wearing his jeans, he takes out his big cock and rides it into her wet hole. She grabs the back of his neck, staring longingly into his eyes as he rides her. Finally, they get naked and she sits on his face in the 69 position. He eats her pussy while she sucks on his cock, and then she slides to the edge of the bed with her ass in the air. He dives his throbbing dick back into her slick vag, fucking her harder, and when he pulls out to shoot his huge load. She grabs his cock, jerking him with her eyes fixed on his, and he busts his nut all over her petite body. This female friendly flick from Joy Bear Pictures is a blast, in more ways than one!


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