Redhead Gets Double Shot Of Cum From DP

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Wearing a knitted fishnet dress, her eyes fixed on the camera, a Portuguese redhead strokes her hand over her pussy anticipating what comes next—a wild DP. She squeezes her beautiful tits, pushing the straps of her dress from her shoulders, and then stiffens her nipples with her fingers. As her fishnet drapes around her ankles, and we finally get a look at her shaved pussy, her bowed stay-up stockings give the impression that you've just uncovered a wonderful gift. You almost couldn't find yourself happier when she starts jerking and giving head to two throbbing cocks, at least not until the guys start riding her tight ass and sopping wet pussy, spanking her clit with their cocks and transporting her into another world where nothing matters but the thrill she gets from double penetration—as well as the pleasure she brings drinking down a double shot of piping hot cum.


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