Spanish Redhead Works Out Twice A Day

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Spanish redhead Armana Miller loves living a healthy life, and she works out twice a day—jogging along the beach, and riding her man's big cock. When we catch up to her in this female friendly Joy Bear Pictures scene she is playfully squirting her bottled water on her boyfriend. He chases her into the ocean, grabs her and plants a deep French kiss on her mouth. They return home for an erotic shower and lunch, but she's already feeling like another workout before they sit down to eat. She drops her bathrobe, exposing her perky little tits, and he lifts her petite body onto the kitchen counter. Removing her robe, he gently slips between her thighs, working his hands over her slit and his tongue over her clit. She gasps and pants as he licks her pussy, then she swims her lips down his chest and abs, taking his cock in her mouth and deep into her throat. His cock stiffens and he lifts her up, turning her beautiful plump ass toward the tip of his cock, and plunges into her moist, pink hole riding her to orgasm before cumming on her small pert tits.


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