Swingers Group Oral, Anal And DP Buffet

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Three swinger couples have their regular group orgy, and to add variety to their oral, anal and DP buffet, they move into the bedroom for a change of pace. Typically, these couples like to fuck in every other room of the house, but having a bed handy gives them all the chance to explore new and exciting positions. As things get started, the ladies are decked out in black stockings, high-heels and fuck-me lingerie, and the guys in jeans and t-shirts, but soon it's a sea of flesh when everyone gets naked. A brunette with small tits gets her pussy and mouth fucked while a blonde and dark-haired babe share a French kiss, a big cock and a load of steamy sperm shooting into each of their mouths. This Digital Dog House teaser is sure to get you worked up for all that promised anal and DP sex.


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