Teen Loses Uniform In Game Of Strip Math Quiz

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A teacher reprimands his cute blonde student, Angel, for not doing her math homework, but when the babe in uniform admits she's been bad, things get hot. This teacher is used to lies, so he's at a loss as to how to punish the babe. However, he quickly comes up with an idea called strip math questions, and every time she gets an answer wrong, she has to remove a new piece of her school uniform. Angel isn't the smartest babe in the class, so when she is naked the teacher adds naughtier things to the game, but the game turns into something far different the moment he sucks on her small tits and licks her sweet pussy. In this teaser from Mile High Media, you'll see all the classroom cock sucking and fucking action that ensues, but when the scene cuts to Angel's friends watching her fuck the teacher on their mobile, you won't believe what happens next! Check out the full film and find out.


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