Teen Seduces Daddy With Massage

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Sexy brunette Miranda Miller is one of those devious little sluts who enjoy seducing older men, and she has her eye on her best friend's dad. Under the pretense that she has been invited, she sneaks into her friend's backyard to suntan. Her friend isn't home, but the chick's dad is, and when he catches her in her bikini, he calls her into the house to chat. He ends up talking about his daughter and, detecting that he's stressed, she begins to give him a massage. Of course, being horny, she sits on top of him, kneading into his tattooed and muscular body, and soon she has her hands on his crotch and her luscious young mouth around his hard cock. He doesn't think it's appropriate, but she tells him it's too late, takes off her clothes and rides her wet pussy up and down his hard cock until he's busting a nut on her ass.


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