Two For DP And Three For All Holes

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Ivana Sugar is a sexy blonde wild child with a hunger for cock that is so insatiable that she can't just fuck one guy, but needs a whole group. This Ukrainian babe needs at least three big cocks to fill all holes at the same time, and that's exactly what the folks at Harmony Vision give her—and what a ride! There isn't a lead-in to this scene, but rather we catch Ivana taking three men home after a night out. The moment they get into the living room, the guys are all over the blonde, taking off her leather jacket, kissing her and checking out her ass. One guy just dives right on into her beautiful tight ass while she gives blowjobs and handjobs to the other two, but a single cock just isn't enough for this small tit, big ass babe. As she rides one dick, another guy comes up behind her, slaps and squeezes her plump butt and joins the other dick for a hard pounding DP as she gives a third guy head. It doesn't take long for these guys to bust their nut, and when they do, they leave Ivana's ass dripping with loads from the whole group.


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